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Chakram front

Engraved Chakram

Historically, the weapon called a chakram (also spelled chacra, chakar, chakra) has been around for a long time. It comes from India and is basically a flat metal ring with a sharp outer edge from 5 to 12 inches in diameter. An ancient chakram is either plain or elaborately inlaid with silver or gold decorations and/or Sanskrit inscriptions. The Sikhs, especially the Akalies, often carried several chakram with them, in several different sizes, on top of their pointed turbans.

The chakram pictured here is made of a strong aluminum alloy with an outside diameter of 9.5". It is perfectly beveled from the thicker inside (1/4 inch) to the thinner outer edge (1/32 inch). The ancient Greek patterns on the front and back and the round circles are actually etched deeply into the weapon! That's right, this metal chakram is perfectly beveled AND engraved with ancient Greek patterns !!

After many years of selling this item, the chakram is no longer being manufactured. We are totally out of stock. We do not have any.

Chakram back
Octagon sais

Octagon Sai

These sais are made of steel and have an eight faceted blade. The leather wrapped handles provide a firm grip. Each box includes 2 sais, so you get 2 sais for the low price of $29. Overall length 19.5 inches each.

Sai set $29 (Add $10 shipping)

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