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Griffyn Dagger

The Griffyn dagger is the year 2000 edition in the Gil Hibben design series. This 3-dimensional dagger features four 420 stainless steel blades; a textured die cast metal handle; and a polished solid metal guard, subhilt, and pommel. The uniquely designed 11 inch long stainless steel double blade (with false edged top) bears the precision laser marked Hibben Knives trademark. The overall length of this dagger is 15-3/8 inches.
Griffyn Dagger $99 (Add $8 shipping)

Griffyn dagger

Fang of Baelin

The Fang of Baelin is a fantasy creation by renowned artist, sculptor, and sword designer Kit Rae. In his mythology, the fangs of the fierce creature Baelin were used to create a dagger of great strength. The handle was formed from parts of the Baelin's armor plates and spines.

The overall length of this dagger is 7-3/4 inches. The blade is made of 420 stainless steel and the handle is made of an aluminum alloy. The dagger comes with a wood display stand and a poster, drawn by Kit Rae, showing the warrior Barlodir wielding the Fang of Baelin.
Fang of Baelin $45 (Add $10 shipping)

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