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Braided leather katana

Braided Leather Katana

The Braided Leather katana is manufactured by United Cutlery, one of the finest sword manufacturers (they make the Lord of the Rings swords). It is constructed with a 26-1/2 inch 420 J2 stainless steel blade with a simulated temper line. The black ABS braided genuine leather-wrapped grip handle is push tang construction with cast metal parts and brass plated finish. The sword includes an aluminum scabbard with genuine leather wrap and cast metal tip with antique brass plated finish. The scabbard features a genuine leather-hanging strap. The sword measures 38-1/2 inches overall.
Braided Leather katana $60 (Add $10 shipping)

Dragon Tai chi sword

Dragon Tai Chi Sword

Dragon designs adorn the wooden scabbard and guard. The 28 inch blade is made of 440 stainless steel. The sword's overall length is 37 inches. Long flowing dual tassels on the pommel accentuate the authenticity of this Chinese tai chi sword.
Dragon Tai Chi sword $49 (Add $10 shipping)

White (or Red) Tai Chi Sword

The classic white tai chi sword features an imitation ivory handle. The sword's overall length is 41-1/2 inches with a 30 inch stainless steel blade. It includes a custom white sheath with corded rope and brass tip and collar.
White or Red Tai Chi sword $49 (Add $10 shipping)

We have this identical sword in red.

Octagon sais

Octagon Sai

These sais are made of steel and have an eight faceted blade. The leather wrapped handles provide a firm grip. Each box includes 2 sais, so you get 2 sais for the low price of $29. Overall length 19.5 inches each.

Sai set $29 (Add $10 shipping)

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