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Professional Fight Choreography/Swordfighting Shows/Staged Combat Demonstrations

Let us choreograph the fight and train the actors...

"The combat scenes designed by Mike & Nicole were the highlight of our production. Their designs fit precisely with the staging of our production. The cast members involved in these scenes cannot say enough about their experience of having worked with Mike & Nicole. They have proven to be an extremely worthwhile investment."
–Wes Phinney, Managing Director, Artistic Civic Theatre

"We had four fight scenes in our production, utilizing a total of nine fighters. Nicole and Mike, as fight directors, designed for each fight: every cut, thrust, and parry; the fight blocking; and the rhythm and tempo most suitable. They created safe, exciting and moving stage combat that blended seamlessly into the whole of the production. They trained nine actors with little or no experience in stage combat or fencing. In less than five weeks we had confident, competent fighters that showed no timidity yet were careful and aware."
–Mark Gowan, Director, Romeo and Juliet, Dekalb Theatre Company

"I would highly recommend their skills as fight directors and as performers. They are ensemble players, who are able to see a director's vision and work toward it, while still creating their own ideas."
–Heidi Cline, Director, Cyrano de Bergerac, Onstage Atlanta

"The action sequences ranged in size from two combatants all the way to our grand finale of fourteen combatants on-stage together. Nicole and Mike accomplished this amazing feat by tailoring choreography to individual student strengths, holding extra practice sessions and by providing their own practice swords for us to use so that we could begin work as soon as the show was cast. People still rave about the amazing action sequences in that show which clearly attracted student interest and support to our drama program!
–Natalie Powell, Director, Berkmar High School Drama Program

Various choreography pictures

Mike & Nicole each have 20 yrs experience choreographing fights!

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