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Professional Fight Choreography/Swordfighting Shows/Staged Combat Demonstrations

Our performances have garnered raves and awards such as:

"Their stage combat and choreography skills are clearly exceptional. Their bladework is always polished and cleanly executed. Whether they are working on a modified thrust stage or in the round their performance is always sharp and their dialog engaging. I truly believe that Crossed Swords would be a welcome addition at any family-oriented performance venue."
–Gary J. Mazzu, Artistic Director, Ohio Renaissance Festival 1990

"We would recommend them highly but ask that you not book them the last two weekends in October as we definitely want them back with us this year and years to come."
–Susan C. Ameen, PR Director, Jefferson Performing Arts Society

"When Mike walked in with his full suit of armor on, it just made the feast come alive. Nicole and Mike played out a very funny and exciting script with just enough humor for the adults and enough action for the younger set. It was a magical night and our congregation did not want them to leave or for the night to end."
–Sarah Mitchell, Event Planner, St. Edwards Episcopal Church

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Sakuta and Nicole Harsch for your show. Their show, Crossed Swords, is a humorous duel of swordplay and wit. They work well with the audience and their choreography is fast, realistic and effective."
–Carolyn Spedden, Entertainment Dir, Maryland Renaissance Festival 1990

"The quality of their work is unsurpassed in their genre. Their pacing, sense of humor and use of audience combine to make Crossed Swords a must have show."
–John H. Struchen, Artistic Director, Georgia Renaissance Festival