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Professional Fight Choreography/Swordfighting Shows/Staged Combat Demonstrations

Our favorite media appearances:

"A stage fight guaranteed to send shivers down the spines of the uninitiated."
–The Rochester Eccentric Newspaper

"If you went to the Renaissance Festival you may not have been able to gasp at the sword play because you were laughing too hard at the dialogue between Nicole and Antoine (the Swine)."
–Atlanta Main Event's Guide

"In came Michael, the dangerous one. By now, the swordswoman had appropriated Christopher's fallen sword and was wielding one in each hand. Michael had doffed his tabard, leaving under the sunlight, a linen shirt as bright as the glints from their three darting weapons. His speed was blinding as he flew forward, hacking and parrying, his slices a true challenge for Nicole to return."
–Excerpt from Under the Wild Moon, a novel by Diane Carey

"Michael broke free of the mage's weakening grasp, flung himself to the ground. The only help he could offer Nikol was to keep clear of her sword arm. Nikol's blade, which had been her brothers' and his father's before him, and his father's before that, swept past Michael in a shining silver arc."
–Excerpt from The Silken Threads, a short story by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman from the book, The Cataclysm

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